Amanda Olson LE 

Training - 650 hours of school; Keratin Lash Infusion Training and Certification; Dermalinfusion certification; always continuing to learn and grow and the skin care industry changes.  

Practice Philosophy - Everyone's skin is different, no two people are the same and that is why everyone treatment is customized to each client.  My goal is for everyone to leave my table with glowing, healthier skin.  Skin care is a marathon not a sprint and it will take time, home care and on going treatment to reach and maintain your desired goals for your skin.  

Why I do what I do - I love helping people and love making them feel good about themselves.  I want everyone to feel comfortable in their own skin.  

A little bit about me - I am an animal lover.  The beach is my happy place and where I go to reset.  I love working out and that is my stress reliever.  Living a healthy life is very important to me.